“Mother Harriet’s” Sinus Rinse With a Twist.

Super Sinus Rinse:

If you suffer from pollen as much as I do, living in ATL, you should try to keep your sinuses clear of those nagging microscopic irritants. Get a bottle of Neil Med Sinus Rinse at any pharmacy. Fill with filtered water from the fridge, warmed in the microwave for 20 seconds so it’s lukewarm. (Never use tap water, because you never know what swims around in there…) Add the provided salt packet. Here is the “Mother Harriet” twist: Add two teaspoons (or 2 caps full) of 3% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Then flush your nose by holding the bottle to one nostril, squeeze and watch the liquid exit the other nostril. The salt makes the water comfortable to use, not like when you jump into a pool, and the hydrogen peroxide kills the bacteria. You will be surprised to see how much crud will flush out of your head!

If you have a sinus infection, or nasty cold, it also helps to put some H2O2 into both ears, so you’ll kill the cruds from the inside and outside. If there is an infection present in the ear, you’ll see and feel a foaming action. If the ear is fine, the H2O2 will stay like water.

Use the rinse any time to keep your sinus cavities clear. If you have a fever, and feel super cruddy, of course go see a doctor. But this should help you to never get to the super cruddy stage in the first place. I hope this helps!!

Happy Flying!




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