Flat Iron Cuisine, or How To Cook in Your Hotel Room -With No Kitchen!


Flight Attendants frequently find themselves on multi-leg days with no time to pick up food or cook.

My super-resourceful FA friends gave me some amazing recipes for food to pack from home and cook in your kitchen-less hotel room. Check these out:

Vanessa S. wrote:

“You take two soft flour tortillas, put cheese, veggies, turkey or whatever you like in the middle, then wrap it in foil (the heavy duty kind). Keep cold in your lunch box. Then, when you get to your 8 hour layover hotel and want a hot meal, take the in-room iron to press and heat it up. You can also cook some Eggo waffles this way, too, spread with peanut butter…Yummy!”

Stephanie G. tells me she uses the flour tortillas also to make chicken quesadillas. She also uses the iron in the room!

Steph also brings an immersion heater to heat cans of soups in the coffee mugs in the room.

I don’t know if I can get over the EWW-factor of this one, but my friend Nicolette V. says you can boil eggs in the hot water kettle in your room…

In Lagos, Nigeria, a place where I am loath to leave the room, because mosquitoes love my western behind and I have no desire to be bitten by one of those malaria-ridden demons, I took a can of Progresso soup and heated it in the coffee pot. It took a little while but it worked! Next time though, I’ll be better prepared with this item, Monica M. recommended:

A cute 20oz crock pot lunch food warmer. It comes in pink and blue. Cute!!



Share your ideas and recipes in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!!!






Flat Iron Cuisine, or How To Cook in Your Hotel Room -With No Kitchen! — 1 Comment

  1. I always took a bit of aluminum foil on layovers in the event I had leftover food that need heating on the iron. Left over pizza is great re-heated that way.

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